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Sigward - Shame (Manual Music)


Change and innovation are keywords for this one. Apart from his releases on Amateur Sigward seeks to make a new sound every time he gets behind a computer. With a broad view and a focused spirit he soars through musical innovation like an eagle does when heading towards its goal, or just looking from high above to get an overview of the oscillating landscape below. Our flying ex-pretty boy has a fine taste for musical esthetics and works hard to achieve an original sound every time he commits himself to anything. Problem is though, where he puts so much energy and focus in his music, he is lazy as fuck elsewhere. But that's what makes him a spearpoint in amateur productions: the unyielding, everlasting, creative commitment to the sole purpose of communicating philosophical depth through waves of soothing frequencies. Even his daddy tried convincing him to "make a hit". In response Sigward calmy shook his head like a sage does when explaining something to a child. He said "it's not about making money. Music tells tales, brings people together and above all it lives. Making music for the purpose of a "hit" or to make money off it is a travesty. If i earn money, no problem, but that's not the goal. If I die flat broke i couldn't care less, as long as i have the freedom of making wonderous art in the form of sound".